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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 14 2002 2:06pm
Subject:Re: Encrypting with PASSWORD() function
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At 10:59 -0300 5/14/02, Walter D. Funk wrote:
>  I am trying Mysql Password() function, to encrypt password in a a
>  it works fine both ways; it is to say, when I submit a login
>combination it fetches the pair ok.
>  My question is, as I read in the documentation, that the process is
>irreversible, how can I deal with the fact
>  that a user can forget his password, if I will not be able to retrieve the
>  original string, because what i can see is the encrypted data

That is correct.  PASSWORD() (and ENCRYPT()) perform non-reversible

>  is there a workaround to deal with this, either than storing in a separeted
>  table the original password string (not encrypted), or shall i simply not
>  use this function ?
>  thanks in advance to any suggestion

You can use ENCODE() and DECODE() to perform reversible encryption.
As of MySQL 4.0.0, if the server is compiled with SSL support, you can
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