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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 12 2002 5:18pm
Subject:Re: MySQL on Mac OS X
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At 13:36 +0100 5/12/02, Phil Dobbin wrote:
>I'm still trying to get MySQL running on Mac OS X and previously 
>after installation when MySQL was running, I was getting 1045/6 
>errors and now, after a re-boot, MySQL is not running (I didn't add 
>the start-up script because of the constant permissions errors I was 
>When I try to enter mysql I get:
>[localhost:~] phil% mysql -p
>Enter password:
>ERROR 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket 
>'/tmp/mysql.sock' (2)
>Also when I try to start up (using ./bin/safe_mysqld --user=mysql & ) I get:
>20512 00:13:18  mysqld restarted
>rm: /usr/local/mysql/data/ Permission denied
>../bin/safe_mysqld: permission denied: 
>/usr/local/mysql/data/localhost.err [235]
>tee: /usr/local/mysql/data/localhost.err: Permission denied
>ad infinitum (I eventually have to "sudo kill -9 PID" to stop it).
>I've added a ~/.my.cnf file (per instructions in the MySQL manaul) 
>but that makes no difference. Could someone advise me on which file 
>I have to edit to enable start up and use of MySQL (huge_cnf?)?
>Also, I'm using Marc Liyange's Entropy installation. Has anybody 
>used his uninstall script and, if so, how safe was it (it looks like 
>I may have to uninstall and start again)?

Doesn't look like a configuration file problem, looks like a file ownership
problem.  The server needs to be able to access its files.  Try (as root):

# cd /usr/local
# chown -R mysql mysql

My guess is that the mysql hierarchy is owned by root, and that when you
specify --user=mysql to run the server, it can't write to root-owned

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