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From:Jeremy Zawodny Date:May 10 2002 10:07pm
Subject:Re: Distributed MySQL : How to synchronize ?
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On Fri, May 10, 2002 at 04:51:15PM +0200, Christophe Demange wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a question:
> We want to real-time synchronize a MySQL database part with a
> distant database.  We have a central database containing all the
> data. This database must share several parts (records) with the
> local databases.  All transactions made in the central database must
> be replicated to the corresponding local database. This will ensure
> to have the data available while the network is down.  In the same
> time some transactions can be made in the local database, this
> includes to have a dual-way replication mechanism.


> I have searched replication documentation and articles and I have
> only found master-slave relationship. We think this master-slaves
> relationship doesn't exactly fit our needs.

It probably doesn't, but...

> Please could you explain us what is the best solution to use for
> this architecture.

Since you asked, here's a thought that'll require a bit of research
and testing on your end.  It might get you some of the way there.

Rather than write records to a single table on the master, break
things out into several identically structured tables.  The create a
MERGE table out of them.  Run your write queries against the
underlying table appropriate for the record.

That *may* allow the slaves to replicate only the data they need.  I
say "may" because I don't know enough about your application to make
that judgement.

The only problem arises in the getting updates made on the slaves back
to the master.  A slave in MySQL can only have one master, so that's a
more difficult problem.

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