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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 10 2002 8:54pm
Subject:Re: Table01 Table02 Table03 I want to change thee.
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At 20:45 +0000 5/10/02, John Doe wrote:
>ok I have (for now) three tables all with the same ID, however I want
>to be able to change the ID if I need to.  But I don't want to do it
>with 3 statements (ie, update table01 set id=2 where id=3;update
>table02 set id=2 where id=3;update table03 set id=2 where id=3) what I
>would rather have is a mysql statment that looks something like this:
>update table01,table02,table03 set id=2 where id=3;
>But that doesn't work.  I know for three tables it isn't harsh to do
>three statements, however I will soon have closer to 30, and that
>would just be obnoxious.
>Your comments are very welcome.

The best solution is not to mess around with your IDs.
Then your problem goes away and you don't have to solve it.

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