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From:Kenneth Hylton Date:May 10 2002 8:52pm
Subject:RE: Length Limit
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The real answer, yes.  It has a limit of several GB, depending on your OS.
It can take a huge string containing MBytes of BLOB data.

Just for grins, I loaded several MB of image data this way just to prove to
myself that you could do it.

The practical answer is then pretty much no.  (Probably would run into a
TCP/IP message length limitation first)

I'm pretty sure the on-line documentation spells that out, or it is in the
MySQL New Riders book, or the MySQL O'Reilly book.

Also, If your are going to load lots of binary data, you need to be sure and
use mysql_escape_string() to pass your data before building sending the
query, and look at using mysql_real_query() rather than mysql_query().  It
takes a length argument and is supposed to be faster, although I haven't
personally looked at speed differences.


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Subject: Length Limit


Using the C API, does the sql parameter in the mysql_query function a length

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