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From:Max Anderson Date:May 8 2002 3:57pm
Subject:RE: inserting record
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One solution is to maintain your own table of team_ids, like an Oracle
sequence table.

For example:


When you want a new TeamId,

SELECT TeamID + 1 FROM TeamIDGenerator;
(Do some stuff)
UPDATE TeamIDGenerator SET TeamID = TeamID + 1, DateIssued=CURDATE();

There are issues with thread safety here but if you are writing the
application you will know how the tables are accessed.  Are there multiple,
concurrent requests for TeamIDs?

I believe there may be something like MS SQL Servers SELECT @@IDENTITY which
returns the last insert ID but  am not too sure.

- Max

Martin Anderson
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Cambridge, MA 02142
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From: Steve Buehler [mailto:steve@stripped]
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Subject: inserting record

	I am running mysql with a php frontend.  I am trying to add teams to
table and when I do, it gives them a team_id number that is in an 
auto_increment column.  This is no problem.  The problem is that I need to 
know that team_id so that I can also enter the team_id into another 
table.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You in advance

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