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From:Victoria Reznichenko Date:May 8 2002 11:22am
Subject:Re: SQL Help:MySQL Specific
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Wednesday, May 08, 2002, 12:06:33 PM, you wrote:

VS> I am facing difficulty in fetching records when encounterd with different
VS> cases.

VS> for example:

VS> I want count of all the records from leads table where status = 0 , status
VS> =1, status = 3....etc. This should happen in a single query, is it possible?

VS> This is possible using DECODE function in Oracle. But in MySql, I could not
VS> find any function that supports DECODE functionality given by oracle.

VS> Could you please help me out.

I don't work with Oracle and don't know how DECODE function works, but
I hope that following statement will help you:
     SELECT status, COUNT(*) FROM your_table GROUP BY status;

You can find some more info about counting rows in MySQL at:

VS> Rajiv

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