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From:Rance Hall Date:May 8 2002 2:47am
Subject:Gui Managers for Linux
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Im very disapointed in the GUI managers for MySQL available under linux.

Ive used MySQL Front for windows and was very impressed with its ability to
manipulate data by generating and executing "on the fly" insert, update, and 
delete sql statements based on what you do in the data entry window.

Linux GUI Managers still require way to much SQL for my tastes, If I wanted
a CLI I would have stuck with the text mysql client.

Anybody know of a MySQL Front like program for linux that has pretty much
the same feature set?

Im not interested in how the information is displayed so much, I can get
used to that, but a real gui management tool that covers the sql behind the

Simply put, I dont wanna have to teach my users SQL just so they can manage
their data content, any ideas much appreciated!!

PS. GPL license or similar (read free) doesnt hurt either!


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Gui Managers for LinuxRance Hall8 May
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