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From:David McInnis Date:May 7 2002 8:10pm
Subject:RE: dates
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I would suggest doing "member = 43 and >" since there
could potentially be more records that meet the second criteria.  I
always try to optimize my queries to narrow my recordset as small as
possible before I apply any other criteria.  That said, MySQL may do
this sort of optimization internally.  (I would be curious to know from
more seasoned MySQL gurus if this is the case).

Oh, I see your problem, I think that you need to add "and ml.member =
mh.member"  If you do not already have this association, you will need
to create int.

David McInnis

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From: Sandeep Murphy [mailto:sandeep.murphy@stripped] 
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Subject: dates


I need to extract all the records from a table where the date of the
is later than the last time the user logged in...

my query reads like this...

select distinct mh.code,rubrica from multimedia_header mh, members_log
where > and member =43

can anyone pl tell me whats wrong with it??


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