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From:Harald Fuchs Date:May 7 2002 5:47pm
Subject:Re: Apache::Session::MySQL
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In article <F73B91BED37FD5119F970008C7CF50FC09BEA942@stripped>,
"Wick, Mike" <mwick@stripped> writes:

> Greetings.
> I am new to MySQL and am starting to use Apache::Session::MySQL. 
> I created a table as the instructions mention.

> CREATE TABLE sessions 
> (
> 	a_session TEXT
> )
> ;

> I have also tried a_session as BLOB.

> I can set and retrieve values from the created sessions using CGI scripting.
> I just cannot see the data when I query MySQL from the mysql> prompt when I
> telnet into the server. I have seen other threads elsewhere that mention
> this is not problem. I would feel more comfortable if I could see this data
> with a query. Or at least understand why. What am I missing?

From "perldoc Apache::Session":

  Serialization is done via Storable, and optionally  ASCII-fied via
  MIME or pack().

What MySQL stores in the a_session column is the output of Storable.
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