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From:Gelu Date:May 7 2002 4:17pm
Subject:Re: MySQL performance issues - PLEASE ADVICE!!
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Don't give up.Try ... what's your problem?
More details about your problem are welcome.

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Subject: MySQL performance issues - PLEASE ADVICE!!

I am having performance problems with my MySQL installation - what would be
an appropriate channel for requesting help to such a problem?
I have posted to this list twice and another one as well. Volumes are very
high on using MySQL/standard SQL questions, but not an single suggestion has
been submitted to my request.
Is the only valid alternative to go for an annual support deal with My site can't afford that. Lots of enthusiastic 'community'
members will be disappointed if it should go down because I cant afford
proper support.
Please respond if you have any suggestion where it might be wise to direct
my request!

All the best;

                Eivind :-)

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