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From:Martin Ramsch Date:August 20 1999 2:52pm
Subject:Re: Multiple joins query
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On Fri, 1999-08-20 10:27:31 -0400, Wayne Spivak wrote:
> I have a table called addresses.  It contains four fields for Area,
> (called area, area_1, so on).
> I have another table called Area, which contains two fields, areano
> & areaname.
> My problem is how do I produce output substituting the areaname for
> each area.  (I can do one without a problem - not rocket science
> here).

  SELECT t0.areaname AS areaname,
       , t1.areaname AS areaname_1,
       , t2.areaname AS areaname_2,
       , t3.areaname AS areaname_3
  FROM   addresses AS a
       , Area      AS t0
       , Area      AS t1
       , Area      AS t2
       , Area      AS t3
  WHERE a.area   = t0.areano
    AND a.area_1 = t1.areano
    AND a.area_2 = t2.areano
    AND a.area_3 = t3.areano

This should do it, I hope (typed off the cuff).

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