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From:Amie Phung Date:March 26 1999 11:05pm
Subject:Installing DBD::mysql
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I'm having problems installing DBD::mysql.  I'm on a Linux machine and
am using perl5.00401.  I installed the binary RPM containing include
files and libraries for development for i386 machines of mysql, the Perl
Data-Dumper, and DBI 1.06.  So far everything has been smooth
(somewhat), and I am able to connect to the databases.  However, when I
try to install the DBD::mysql, I get this error:

Cannot connect: Can't connect to local MySQL server (2)
        Either your server is not up and running or you have no
        permissions for acessing the DSN DBI:mysql:database=test.
        This test requires a running server and write permissions.
        Please make sure your server is running and you have
        permissions, then retry.

This is after I run "shell>make test".

I'm pretty sure that the database engine is up and running and that I
have permission to write to the database.  I connected via: "shell>mysql
-u user -ppassword test" and was able to get through.  I tried changing
the $DBI_DSN environment variable to several of the options that was
suggested in the INSTALL file.  I still can't install the DBD.  Would
anyone know what I'm doing wrong.  Please HELP!

Thanks very much in advance,

Amie Phung

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