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From:Gerald Clark Date:May 1 2002 9:00pm
Subject:Re: Using MyODBC with Python
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Python has its own MySQL interface module.
You don't need MyODBC.

Sabine Richter wrote:

>I can't think straight today. So please help me:
>I downloaded and installed myODBC 3.51. As far as I understand, it is
>only the driver, which provides the connection to the database. In my
>example, it is MySQL 3.23.49.
>The manual says that in my application I have to allocate the
>environment handle, set the version, allocate the connection handle,
>conect to the server etc.. But don't I have to have a library / module
>which provides functions which I can use to do all that? But where is
>it? Or do I have to write all that by myself? I don't know where to
>Please, may anybody help me understand the architecture and how to use
>myODBC with Python? Perhaps anybody has a code snippet for me?
>I have to be productive with that till tomorrow morning. So it is urgent
>for me.
>Thanks a lot for your help.
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