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From:Gerald Clark Date:May 1 2002 9:04pm
Subject:Re: mysql log rotate
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Opening a file access it by its inode.
Once it is opened, it can be renamed, or deleted, and this will have no 
for the process that has it open.
Flush logs will close the inode, and create a new log, which will assign 
a new inode
to be opened.

File names are just handy pointers to inodes.
An inode may have many or no names associated with it.

Stéphane HENRY wrote:

>in mysql docs, :
>1) shell> cd mysql-data-directory
>2) shell> mv mysql.log mysql.old
>3) shell> mysqladmin flush-logs
>What's happening if there is a query between line 2 and 3, is it logged ?
>How could I rotate my files without a query not logged and without stopping
>the server ?
>Thanks for help
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