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From:akul Date:May 1 2002 3:30am
Subject:Unknown column
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Hello mysql,

This is my query:

SELECT countries.*, lnk0.Value AS fraudIndex, lnk1.Value AS enabled
FROM o as countries LEFT JOIN l_TINYINT AS lnk0 ON
lnk0.FID=countries.ID AND lnk0.TID=55 LEFT JOIN l_TINYINT AS lnk1 ON
lnk1.FID=countries.ID AND lnk1.TID=57 WHERE ((enabled=1) AND
countries.ParentID=46) ORDER BY Name

And this is result:

Unknown column 'enabled' in 'where clause'
 Why? :(

'enabled' is not keyword.
Columns aliases seems to be ignored here.

MySQL .49max for Windows, table type InnoDB.

RS. Query so strange because generated. Really it's
SELECT countries.*, countries->\shop\parms\countries\fraudIndex as
fraudIndex, countries->\shop\parms\countries\enabled as enabled FROM
\shop\parts\countries\% WHERE enabled=1 ORDER BY Name

Best regards,
 akul                          mailto:akul@stripped

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