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From:bin cai Date:April 29 2002 4:44pm
Subject:browse explorer in the server, mysql
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I am afraid to ask some questions. They seem  a little
bit long. please forgive me.thanks in advanced first.

I am working an application which is help user to
create questions for exams. I have finish this part
but I think i should modify it. I use mysql as the
backend and java servlet to generate html pages and
tocat as the server.

In the "creating question page"  I set the following
input forms. one text areas for question body; Four
text boxes for the multiple choice of this question.
(the multiple choices are plots which drawn by
microsoft excel).
So what the user should do is to type the question
body in html format in the textarea and url addresses
of those plots(excel plotXX.xls) into input four boxes
then the system will load this question into
QUESTIONTable into mysql database. The QUESTIONTABLE
has the following fields.
So these are my questions:

1. in order to let the server know where these plots
are, the user should load these plots first into
server from their own computer and then put the url
into QUESTIONTABLE in database. Could anyone tell me
where i can find some intruction to do upload file to
server and also make a browser explorer to let user to
browse through the relating directories in server?

2. Are their some free software(image covertion) i can
download and integrate into my application. so i can
convert the plots from xls(excel)format to jpg format
automatically when system wants to fetech the plots.

3. my application is deal with mathematical questions.
so there are many mathematical symbols. the html has
some limitation to deal with that. what i did is to
make those symbols into image(gif or jpg) and add them
into html. but it is painful. Is is possible to covert
tex file into html? tex file is good at mathematical stuff.

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