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From:Balteo Date:April 29 2002 5:58am
Subject:InnoDB's inner workings + checkpoints
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Hello Heikki,

I have read up on checkpoint activity and innodb and there are still a 
few points I don't understand:

-what is the chronological sequence of events for a write into the 
innodb tablespace?
-Is it:
1. An insert sql statement is issued from a mysql client.
2. The record is stored in the log buffer. (no disk access here)
3. The record is stored in the innodb log and in the buffer pool 
simultaneously. (1st disk accesss) (checkpoint)
4. The record finally makes it to the innodb tablespace and is saved to 
disk. (2nd disk access)

Can you please correct the above if it is wrong.

Thanks in advance,


InnoDB's inner workings + checkpointsBalteo29 Apr
  • Re: InnoDB's inner workings + checkpointsHeikki Tuuri30 Apr