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From:Paul DuBois Date:August 19 1999 4:56pm
Subject:Re: how to configure correctly MySQL and CGI with PERL under
WIN32 ?
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At 10:51 AM +0200 8/19/99, Philippe_PIERRE@stripped wrote:
>I'm really new in CGI programmation and in MySQL.
>Here are my configuration and my problem :
>I use Apache, Perl5 and MySQL for Win32.
>I installed DBI and the driver DBI:Mysql correctly.
>I have installed MySQL under
>-> C:\MySQL
>...and my database is in the directory :
>-> C:\MySQL\data\Mybase
>with the files :
>-> C:\MySQL\data\Mybase\MyTable1.frm
>-> C:\MySQL\data\Mybase\MyTable1.isd
>-> C:\MySQL\data\Mybase\MyTable1.ism
>-> C:\MySQL\data\Mybase\db.frm
>-> C:\MySQL\data\Mybase\db.isd
>-> C:\MySQL\data\Mybase\db.ism
>-> C:\MySQL\data\Mybase\host.frm
>-> C:\MySQL\data\Mybase\host.isd
>-> C:\MySQL\data\Mybase\host.ism
>-> C:\MySQL\data\Mybase\user.frm
>-> C:\MySQL\data\Mybase\user.isd
>-> C:\MySQL\data\Mybase\user.ism
>I success in create my base and the daemon Mysqld apparently work fine.
>In other hand, I write a simple PERL script, which work under Apache, at
>the location:
>-> C:\Apache\cgi-bin\Myscript.cgi
>... and the script start like this :
>sub Create_Connection{
>  use DBI;
>  $base = "c:\mysql\data\Mybase";
>  $DSN  = "DBI:mySQL:$base";
>  $user = "root";
>  $pw   = "";
>  print "TITI";
>  $dbh  = DBI->connect($DSN,$user,$pw) || die "Cannot connect:
>$DBI::errstr\n" unless $dbh;
>  print "TOTO";
>  return;

Your script has a few problems:

- $base should be just the name of your database "Mybase", not the pathname
   to it on the server host.
- $DSN should have "mysql", not "mySQL" (the capitalization matters)
- Your connect() call is a little odd.  It has an extra conditional.  I'd
   write it like this:

$dbh  = DBI->connect($DSN,$user,$pw)
    die "Cannot connect:  $DBI::errstr\n";

You don't need the extra "unless $dbh" part.

>TITI is printed on the screen but not TOTO, so i can't connect to my base !
>Actually, i don't understand how works the link beetween the MySQL base and
>the script. How  does it  connect to the base ?

Not sure what you mean here.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
how to configure correctly MySQL and CGI with PERL under WIN32 ?Philippe_PIERRE19 Aug
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