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From:Thimble Smith Date:August 19 1999 4:29pm
Subject:Re: MySQL under Linux on Sparc
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At 11:24, 19990819, Deniz Demir wrote:
> script is aviliable in scripts directory instead of
>it and it is not an executable file.
>Is there any way to make or get mysql_install_db

It sounds like you configured with the option --without-server.  If you
did that, then you can't run the server (because you didn't make it).
So just run the 'mysql' program and specify a host that you want to
connect with.

If you want the server, then run configure again without that option,
and you should have a mysql_install_db that is functional.  The one that
ends in .sh is a template for the real one, and the real one only gets
created if you make the server.


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>> At 09:29, 19990819, Deniz Demir wrote:
>> >I have compiled the source of MySQL by following command:
>> >
>> >configure
>> >make
>> >make check
>> >make install
>> >make clean
>> >
>> >Everything looks good so far but what shall I do after that?
>> You shall run the mysql_install_db script, which initializes the
>> privilege tables.
>> You shall put a copy of mysql.server into /etc/init.d and link to
>> it from /etc/rc.d/??? (I don't have Linux, but link to it from the
>> normal spot for startup scripts).
>> You shall try running the script by hand, to get the db running:
>> # sh /etc/init.d/mysql.server start
>> You shall test out mysql:
>> $ mysql -uroot test
>> mysql> select version(), user(), database();
>> [...]
>> mysql> quit
>> You shall change the root password:
>> $ mysqladmin -u root password 'Pa$sw0Rd'
>> You shall read through the manual thoroughly.  You shall try out the
>> tutorial in chapter 8.  You shall start coding your own projects in
>> no time at all.
>> Tim
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