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From:David Huxtable Date:April 25 2002 7:47am
Subject:Re: Pre-release of MySQL 3.23.50
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>From: Michael Widenius <monty@stripped>
>Reply-To: monty@stripped
>To: announce@stripped, mysql@stripped
>Subject: Pre-release of MySQL 3.23.50
>Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 10:26:04 +0300
>3.23.50 is basicly just a bug fix release compare do 3.23.49a
>There is however two things one should be aware of regarding 3.23.50
>(both only affecting our Linux x86 binaries (normal and RPM's):
>- We have switched to a new updated glib library, because we found a
>   critical memory corruption bug (introduced by us) in the old glibc
>   library that we used to compile 3.23.49.
>   (older MySQL binaries are not affected by this problem)
>- We have changed compiler to gcc 3.0.4 (because the old gcc compiler
>   we used couldn't compile with an alternative glibc library).
>As 3.23 is a stable release version, we don't want to release 3.23.50
>to the general public right away, as we want to be sure that the new
>gcc version works in practice as good as it has worked on our
>internal machines.
>You can now find 3.23.50 at the following link:
>If we don't get any fatal bug reports by the end of the week for this
>version, we will then move it to our standard download page.
>If you find anything wrong/strange with this release compared to
>older 3.23 releases, please send a full bug report to
>bugs@stripped and we will fix it ASAP!
>Changes in release 3.23.50
>    * Fixed problem with `crash-me' and gcc 3.0.4.
>    * Fixed that `@@unknown_variable' doesn't hang server.
>    * Added `@@VERSION' as a synonym for `VERSION()'.
>    * `SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'xxx'' is now case insensitive.
>    * Fixed timeout for `GET_LOCK()' on HPUX with DCE threads.
>    * Fixed memory allocation bug in the glibc library used to build
>      Linux binaries, which caused mysqld to die in 'free()'.
>    * Fixed `SIGINT' and `SIGQUIT' problems in `mysql'.
>    * Fixed bug in character table converts when used with big ( > 64K)
>      strings.
>    * `InnoDB' now retains foreign key constraints through `ALTER TABLE'
>      and `CREATE/DROP INDEX'.
>    * `InnoDB' now allows foreign key constraints to be added through the
>      `ALTER TABLE' syntax.
>    * `InnoDB' tables can now be set to automatically grow in size
>      (autoextend).
>    * Fixed some buffer overflow problems when reading startup
>      parameters.
>    * Because of problems on shutdown we have now disabled named pipes on
>      windows by default.  One can enable named pipes by starting mysqld
>      with `--enable-named-pipe'.
>    * Fixed bug when using `WHERE key_column = 'J' or key_column='j''.
>    * Fixed core-dump bug when using `--log-bin' with `LOAD DATA INFILE'
>      without an active database.
>    * Fixed bug in `RENAME TABLE' when used with
>      `lower_case_table_names=1' (default on Windows).
>    * Fixed unlikely core-dump bug when using `DROP TABLE' on a table
>      that was in use by a thread that also used queries on only
>      temporary tables.
>    * Fixed problem with `SHOW CREATE TABLE' and `PRIMARY KEY' when using
>      32 indexes.
>    * Fixed that one can use `SET PASSWORD' for the anonymous user.
>    * Fixed core-dump bug when reading client groups from option files
>      using `mysql_options()'.
>    * Memory leak (16 bytes per every *corrupted* table) closed.
>    * Fixed binary builds to use `--enable-local-infile'.
>    * Update source to work with new `bison' version.
>    * Updated shell scripts to new agree with new POSIX standard.
>    * Fixed bug where `DATE_FORMAT()' returned empty string when used
>      with `GROUP BY'.
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