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From:Tomohiro TAKAHASHI Date:April 23 2002 2:29pm
Subject:Re: MySQL with Delphi 5.0
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  Hi, Haroldo

  Is it first time to develop Database Application with Delphi?
  Do you know how to use DataAccess Component(e.g., TDatabase) and
BDE(or BDE Administrator)?

  I suggest to use Delphi6 Pro/Ent. It contains dbExpress Component which
help you to develop Database Application very easily.
  (Note: dbExpress is able to connect to MySQL server directly,
using Native Driver without ODBC Driver)


Borland Japan / Consulting Group
TAKAHASHI, "KEN", Tomohiro

> I've installed MyODBC and then I've set up ODBC and I saw the driver for
> MySQL DB, when I try to create a new alias wiht MySQL it does not apear to
> select the DB, acording a book wich is guiding it should has to appear.
> Can anybody help to set up the ALIAS with MySQL
> Thanks
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