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From:Paul DuBois Date:April 17 2002 1:21am
Subject:Re: Alter (MyISAM) table while clients connected?
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At 10:55 +1000 4/17/02, Daniel Kasak wrote:
>Hi all.
>Can I alter a MySQL table (specifically a MyISAM) table while (MS 
>Access) clients are connected?
>I want to add fields, not alter existing ones.
>Is this likely to cause corruption?

MySQL won't alter the table until it can get a write lock for exclusive
use.  You won't corrupt the table, though the ALTER TABLE may block
while it waits for the lock.

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Alter (MyISAM) table while clients connected?Daniel Kasak17 Apr
  • Re: Alter (MyISAM) table while clients connected?Paul DuBois17 Apr