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From:Martin Ramsch Date:August 18 1999 8:54pm
Subject:Re: installing xmsql (fwd)
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On Wed, 1999-08-18 10:05:41 -0400, Dick Griffin wrote:
> I've just installed the package 'xmysql-1.9' on my FreeBSD 3.2 system,
> and when I went to launch it, it tells me that 
> ERROR: Can't connect to MySQL Server:
> Host: localhost, Port 3306, Socket: /tmp/mysql.sock
> Error: 'Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket
> '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2;
> What do I need to do to fix this?  Where can I look for documentation
> that will help me?

The best documentation you can get for 'xmysql' is at its homepage:
<URL: >  (Or, read the source, Luke! :-)

The README file reveals the well-kept secret of how the command line
parameter do look like:
 xmysql [-host host] [-user usr -password pw] [-port] [-socket] [-qlimit #]

To your problem: I don't know why it happens (there was something on
the list about some versions of Linux or BSD with some threads library
having no sockets interface at all - but hey, I don't have such a
system, so I didn't follow that closely), but you could try to
explicitely give the MySQL host:

  xmysql -host

Maybe that works?

Martin Ramsch <m.ramsch@stripped> <URL: >
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