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From:BD Date:April 12 2002 2:43pm
Subject:Re: is there a MySQL 'field contains' function
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At 10:09 AM 4/12/2002, you wrote:
>Hello Everyone,
>         I've only just started trying to use MySQL so please forgive my 
> ignorance if this sounds like a really basic question!
>         I am trying to search a text field within a table that contains 
> several keywords; for example the column might be called 
> "computer_description" and contain the values "i-mac blue 256MB 500MHz 
> ...". Is there any way of putting together a query that says something like:
>SELECT * from table1 WHERE computer_description CONTAINS 'blue' ?
>or should I separate this column up into several others  type, colour, 
>ram, processor etc...?

         See the MySQL manual on pattern matching.
         Since you are just starting out, I'd recommend reading as much of 
the manual as possible. It is interesting and well written. You can 
download it as a PDF if you like. Also get your hands on the book called 
"MySQL" by Paul Dubois. It makes learning MySQL fun. :)


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