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From:Thimble Smith Date:August 18 1999 5:44pm
Subject:Re: Basket o' questions/ideas on full-text-searching
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At 09:08, 19990818, Don Philtrodt wrote:
>Questions: What exactly (if anything) was "promised" by TcX regarding
>indexing of TEXT fields?  (I see mention in the change log of indexing
>on T/B fields, but what gives?)

Indexing of TEXT fields is already in MySQL 3.23.  This is a normal
index (key), nothing special.  You have to specify how much of the
field you want to index (i.e., the first N characters).  I don't
think this is what you're really trying to get at, though.

>Will the entire TEXT field be indexed, or just a portion?  Will
>extensions be made to the language that allow for "fuzzy" stuff like
>"NEAR", automagic word-stemming, plural-matching, exact matches and
>boolean operators?

SerG (not at TcX) had plans to do full-text indexing on TEXT fields a
while ago.  Things were delayed until 3.23 came out, because there was
some work in 3.23 that was needed for a good implementation.  Now SerG
is delayed with other things, but still has plans to work on this.  I
believe it will have NEAR and boolean operators.  I don't know what
features are planned, but I'm sure that if there's no stemming, etc.,
then you'd be welcome to hack it in yourself.

>On a related note... has anybody used/implemented a do-it-yourself
>word searcher using SOUNDEX()?  Are SOUNDEX searches remotely
>intuitive or more like "why the heck did THAT show up?!"

I think they're usually pretty far off for most applications.  For
some things (like looking up an address / name in a list of customers)
it can be useful.  That's just my experience.

><think mode=out_loud>
>I wonder if there's another model that, like Soundex, converts a word
>to a value, but perhaps has accomodations for msipelings, plurals, and

I think you could do it, but it'd have to be language-specific (which
might not be a big deal to you, if you're only using English and it's
written for English).  It might help for it to be domiain-specific,
too (i.e., I'm looking for a surname).  I haven't read any papers on
this, though.  If you find a good one, let me know.

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