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From:Colin McKinnon Date:August 18 1999 3:58pm
Subject:Re: Finding duplicate records
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At 15:25 18/08/99 +0200, Richard Ellerbrock wrote:
>Is there a way to display all duplicate records in a table other than to
GROUP BY into a temporary table and to then join back to the original
table? Note that having duplicates in my table is totally legitimate,
except that I want a quick way to find them!
>Richard Ellerbrock

You don't need to create a temporary table - just use an alias in the SELECT.
Not sure if the syntax is exactly right - still learning MySQL's SQL...

SELECT a.putative_key_1, a.putative_key_2, COUNT(a.putative_key_1)
	FROM mytable a, mytable b
	WHERE a.putative_key_1=b.putative_key_1
		AND a.putative_key_2=b.putative_key_2
	GROUP BY a.putative_key_1, a.putative_key_2
	HAVING COUNT(a.putative_key_1)>1;



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