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From:Martin Edelius Date:March 26 1999 10:50pm
Subject:SV: SV: Consider a note
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>I find it sad that a discussion on the correct pronunciation is somehow
>considered topical, but a comment on the life of one of the developers
>offensively off-topic.  Software is written by people.  It is not just
>collection of functions and algorithms.

Being fully aware that I'm only adding to the growth of off-topic posts
that I try to hinder I feel it somewhat necessary to explain, since I
was one who raised my voice against Paul's intial post about Sinisa.

The reasons I didn't speak out against the SQL pronounciation thread,
which I very much wanted to do, was to prevent the list from getting
spammed with another off-topic post. Which this post does but as I said,
I feel it's somewhat justified.

I do feel that a thread about how to pronounce SQL/MySQL is exactly as
irrelevant as the one on Sinisa. Maybe I get too much mail, maybe I'm
getting tired, maybe I don't like the sound my e-mail client makes
everytime I get a new mail (which it does often)... I don't know. All I
know is that the value of this list lessens with every off-topic post or
spam post it recieves. This, and only this, is the reason that I object
to these threads. It's not because I'm inhuman. I realise that software
is written by humans and if nothing else I should realise that if Sinisa
gets killed, MySQL development will be delayed, although this is a
*very* inhuman way of value human life. The problem with Pauls post is
that the subject it touches is very infected and stirs up emotions as
some of the follow-up posts clearly displayed. The SQL pronounciation
subject isn't as 'bad' but it could easily generate twice the amount of
posts since it requires less of an effort to get involved with how to
pronounce SQL than what's really going on in former Yugoslavia.

Sorry for the long and very off-topic post. I've said what I came for
and I will now shut up. Thank's for listening. Have a good night.

Best regards,
Martin Edelius
Spirex Digital Design

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SV: SV: Consider a noteMartin Edelius28 Mar