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From:Martin Ramsch Date:August 18 1999 4:43pm
Subject:Re: How do I unsubscribe ?
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On Wed, 1999-08-18 09:20:25 -0700, James Thompson wrote:
> How do I unsubscribe ? 
> I've sent a message to mysql-unsubscribe@stripped  and I get
> a response, which I then reply to ,to confirm the the request, but I
> am still receiving mesages  from the mailing list.

Hmm, normally this should have worked ...

But there's another simple possibility.

Please, have a look at the header lines of any of the mails received
over the MySQL mailing list.  There should be a header line looking
something like


Now, to unsubscribe send a mail to the address given there.
(Mail body and mail subject don't matter.)
This should do the job ...

But if this also doesn't work (it should, but you never know), you
might send a mail to: postmaster@stripped
That's a human being (namely Frederik Lindberg) who will be happy to
help you, I'm sure.

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