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From:Gerald Clark Date:April 10 2002 3:41pm
Subject:Re: Date and Mysql...
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Your alias and column name are the same.
Which one do you think is being tested?

Also DATE is a reserved word.

Chuck \"PUP\" Payne wrote:

>Hi again...
>When I felt proud because last week I had asked about how to use NOW(), and
>get answer that got me working, but now I have a strange problem. It listing
>dates, but it not listing like it should, when the web page is create it
>going 9, 8, 5, 10 on the dates. Here is the SQL statement I am using...
>SELECT DATE_FORMAT(DATE, '%M %D, %Y') AS DATE, Title, Links, Summary FROM
>Another problem I am having with another statement. The following statement
>should list birthdays that are 7 days out but it not...
>SELECT DATE_FORMAT(DOB, '%M %D, %Y') as DOB, Fname, Lname, Email FROM
>emply_info WHERE (TO_DAYS(DOB) - TO_DAYS(NOW()))
><=5 AND (TO_DAYS(DOB) >= TO_DAYS(NOW())) and Tdate is NULL and DOB is not
>null ORDER BY DOB, Lname
>Any clue why my SQL statement worked once are now not working?
>Thanks a head of time.
>Chuck Payne
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