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From:Paul DuBois Date:April 8 2002 6:28pm
Subject:Re: MySQL won't keep running on my Mac OSX
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At 12:48 -0400 4/8/02, Jay Hill wrote:
>I'm having trouble keeping MySQL running on my computer (PowerBook 
>G3 -Firewire, 576MB RAM, G3/400 - 40GB HD with plenty free in the 
>main OS X partition).  I'm running OS X 10.1.3.
>1.  I installed MySQL (binary) in \Users\hill\MySQL\ directory 
>(logged in as me/hill, not root)

DOS paths?  What?

>2.  I can run the install and safe_mysqld and initially get the 
>database up and running.
>      I can log in as root (database not OS), assign passwords.  I 
>can even load PHPMyAdmin and manage the databases.
>3.  If I restart the computer or log-off/log-on, I've received 
>different errors.
>      The main error is "Error 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL 
>server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2)".
>      I've also gotten an error that the current user is not 
>authorized or some other issue with password.  I can't connect
>      to the database to test out what the 'password' is supposed to 
>be.  So then .....
>4.  If I delete the \data\ directory contents, I can reinstall and 
>go through the process again.
>It will work well until I do a sleep or restart and then I must 
>delete and do everything all over.

Sounds like you don't have your system set up to start MySQL at boot
time.  Go to this page:

The page contains a link for an item called mysql-startupitem.pkg.tar.gz.
Download that package and install it.  Then cd into
/Library/StartupItems/MySQL and edit the file MySQL in that directory
to reflect the actual pathname where your MySQL distribution is installed.

>I'm somewhat new to UNIX (used it many years ago) and don't know all 
>the tricks, tests but am not uncomfortable digging around for fixes. 
>And I know there are too many folks with success that it's obviously 
>something on/about my system, but not sure where to dive in.  Can 
>someone give me an idea as to why the database won't keep running or 
>at least some things to check for?
>Thanks in advance for any help.
>Jay Hill
>NetLearning, Inc.
>Knoxville, Tennessee
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