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From:john Date:April 5 2002 2:33pm
Subject:RE: accessing MySQL database from Access
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You know this sounds like a good idea, and I know this is what the utilities
are for that come provided with mysql(d). (MYODBC and mysqlaccess)I would
like to inquire, what do you mean. I don't comprehend what you just said.
Please someone give more specific details...


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To: Bill Easton
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Subject: Re: accessing MySQL database from Access

In the last episode (Apr 04), Bill Easton said:
> I have a bunch of users with a MySQL database on their local
> machines.
> Life would be simpler if they were able to access the MySQL database
> (read only) from Microsoft Access.
> Can this be done through an ODBC connection?  Can somebody tell me
> how to set it up?

Just install myodbc on the windows machines, set up a DSN pointing to
the MySQL server, and link the tables in your Access project.

	Dan Nelson

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