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From:Anvar Hussain K.M. Date:April 5 2002 3:17am
Subject:Re: again date question
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1. date_format(datecolumn,'%b');

2. date_format(datecolumn,'%d)+0; or
     if you want a string result
     trim(leading '0' from date_format(datecolumn,'%d));

The manual has very clear description of date functions.


At 01:47 AM 05/04/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>I have some more problem with date query.
> to return month from numeric to aalpabet.04->Apr.
> to return day or month without 0 in front.
>  i mean if day is 01->1,same also month if 02-2.
>Is it possible.please help me.
>Thanks in advance.

again date questionsaraswathy saras5 Apr
  • Re: again date questionAnvar Hussain K.M.5 Apr