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From:Jay Miller Date:March 26 1999 5:15pm
Subject:RE: SV: Consider a note
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I find it sad that a discussion on the correct pronunciation is somehow
considered topical, but a comment on the life of one of the developers is
offensively off-topic.  Software is written by people.  It is not just a
collection of functions and algorithms.

Jay Miller
Columbia, MO, US

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> Sascha,
> In message <36FB910B.D89F4799@stripped>, Sasha Pachev writes:
> > I think it is important to remember that all the people on this list
> > are human. There is nothing wrong in expressing your desire for
> > Sisina and his family to survive the bombing on the MYSQL
> > list. MYSQL is a piece of software but it is developed, maintained
> > and operated by people. Besides, if Sisina gets killed, it will slow
> > down MYSQL development, and take away from the quality of tech
> > support - a technical unsentimental justification of Paul's posting.
> Nonsense!
> None of this belongs on this list!
> el

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