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From:Paul DuBois Date:August 18 1999 4:46am
Subject:Re: $sth->fetchrow_hashref
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At 10:31 PM -0500 8/17/99, Jeff Urban wrote:
>No.  The order is unpredictable -- One thing about hashes (in Perl) is
>that the elements are stored in such a way that no matter how you created
>the hash, the elements will come out in an unpredictable order.  (It is
>possible to retrieve the elements of a hash in the same order that they
>were inserted using the Tie::IxHash module, but that's probably not
>One thing you might do is Sort your hash or examine each element upon
>retrieval using $sth->{NAME}.  There are good examples of sorting in the
>Perl Cookbook (Recipe 5.9).
>foreach $key (sort keys %somehash) {
>  print "$key = $somehash{$key}";

This won't reflect the order in which the columns were specified in the
SELECT statement, though -- if that's an important thing to preserve.
In that case $sth->{NAME} is better.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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