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From:Boyd Lynn Gerber (801) 250-O795 Work Date:March 26 1999 7:42pm
Subject:Re: Linking MySQL client under SCO
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On Fri, 26 Mar 1999, Fred Butzen wrote:
> To test compilation, I wrote a simple program that does nothing
> except call mysql_init().  The Makefile includes the library
> libmysqlclient.a, and the linker finds the library; however, linking
> fails with the message that mysql_init is an undefined symbol.

The version of gcc you are using uses the SCO linker.  You need to use the
-belf command when linking in order for it to understand the symbols.
MySQL uses elf object code not coff.  Check the mysql mail archive.  
for what I wrote on perl.  I posted it yesterday.  It gives you all the
necessary modifications.

Good Luck,

Boyd Gerber

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