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From:Steve Edberg Date:April 2 2002 11:42am
Subject:Re: InnoDB and Table Corruption
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I've been using MySQL on WindowsNT and Solaris for about 5-6 years 
(don't use any NT machines anymore), and have yet to experience a 
single corrupted table, mysql daemon crash or any other problem with 
MySQL. There were a couple of minor snafus when I was setting things 
up, but they were mostly me forgetting to set proper database 
directory owner/permissions, things like that. I started out with 
ISAM tables & version 3.22.4 (I think), now use version 3.23.47 and 
all MyISAM tables.

My database use is relatively modest, though; less than a GB of data 
now (going to get much bigger very soon), some tables with a few 
hundred thousand records, fairly light access.

One thing you might want to do is go to the MySQL list archive at

and search for 'myisamchk', 'corrupted', 'corruption', and maybe some 
other failure-related terms. By checking out the problems reported, 
and their resolutions, you could get an idea of where corrupted 
tables are most likely to occur: a particular O/S or kernel, use of a 
particular compiler version, network timeouts, heavy query loads, 
problems inserting very large fields, etc.


At 7:01 PM -0600 4/1/02, Scalper wrote:
>I am working with a low-load, mission-critical database.  Although I 
>have yet to have a corrupted table, I seem to read about it  a lot 
>on the list.  This is a scary thought for me, considering the 
>importance of the data I manage.  Can anyone tell me if this is a 
>rare occurrence?  Is it even rarer if I choose to use InnoDB tables? 
>Are there any statistics on corruption?  There seems to be plenty of 
>material on MySQL and InnoDB and speed vs the other major dbs, but 
>what about stability and safety of data?
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