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From:Chris Trown Date:August 17 1999 5:15pm
Subject:Re: full quotes in replies (was: book)
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On Tue, Aug 17, 1999 at 05:09:15PM +0200, Carsten H. Pedersen scribbled:
> In the early days of usenet, one newsreader (I can't remember which one)
> would actually prevent you from posting, if your message contained
> fewer lines of new text than quoted ones. Not a bad idea at all...
> Which would, of course, have prevented me from posting this message if 
> I hadn't appended this paragraph ;-)

     That would be trn.  I always ended up tacking on a dozen or so <CR>s until
it was happy.

     While we are on the subject of mailing list protocol, PLEASE do NOT use
the reply function to start a new subject.  It completely throws off threaded
email readers.



What's the point?

An NT server can be run by an idiot, and usually is.
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