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From:Richard Date:March 29 2002 6:50pm
Subject:RE: hmm
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I missed the original question but here is my two cents.

The solution has to do with how you define "... used as a online database".  Steve 
Rapaport is correct if you want to create a database accessable via a browser, but 
if you just want a database available on the net all you need (on the server side 
at least) is a mysql database on an internet connected server with mysql 
configured to allow connections from outside.   

The default mysql configuration only allows connections from clients on the same 
computer (localhost) however you can allow connections from selected IP addresses 
or any outside address. See the manual about the "GRANT" command. Then, after 
installing the MYODBC ODBC driver on your local computer you can use ODBC aware 
clients (i.e. ACCESS) to connect to your database via the internet.  You must use 
either an ODBC compliant client program (such as Microsoft ACCESS) or a client 
program written with native MYSQL support.  

I have only done this with my own client ODBC aware apps written in Delphi.  I am 
not recommending ACCESS (I hate it) but just mention it as a commonly available 
ODBC client that could be used to validate the concept (as I did).


> By the way you're using the terms, I would guess you're hoping
> to make a new database, and place it "on the web".  
> In that case, Mysql is probably at too low a level of
> detail for your needs.  To solve your problem you
> would need to learn:
> middleware (ASP, PHP, etc)
> database design
> My guess is you are new to most or all of these.  In this case
> you would do better with one of these two prepackaged database products:
> 1. Filemaker Pro
> 2. Microsoft Access 2000 (you know where)
> Both give you, to some extent, the ability to construct a
> database, configure the interface, and put it on the web,
> without knowing much SQL, middleware, etc.  In the case of
> Filemaker, you don't even need to know HTML or be artistic.
> Perhaps this helps.
> Steve Rapaport
> ] 
> ] I thought Mysql was a server that could be used as a online database?
> ] If it is, is there some material I have not read that tells me how to do
> ] this?
> ] I understood most of the information I read about Mysql.  I was under the
> ] understanding sql is the way to make a online database
> ] 
> ] Harry
> ] 
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