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From:Bill Koob Date:March 26 1999 5:29pm
Subject:beginners MySQL & Perl question
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I ran crash-me:

The crash-me script runs ok!
There where more no's than I would have liked
but they seem obscure to me in most cases.
Now the more difficult;

run-all-tests script on one line - broke up for illustration only:
c:\perl\bin\perl run-all-tests --server=MySQL --cmp=mysql,pg,solid
                               --user=test --password=test --log

it crashes at line 64 of run-all tests.
line 64 OF run-all-tests
print "Running tests on:    " . machine() . "\n";

at the c: prompt I see
undefined subroutine&main::mcahine
called at run-all-tests line 64

The output file shows:
Benchmark DBD suit:  1.1
Date of test:        1999-03-26 10:27:49

bill koob
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beginners MySQL & Perl questionBill Koob26 Mar