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From:Martin Ramsch Date:August 17 1999 1:53pm
Subject:Re: complicated query
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Hi, I just wrote:
> Randy, next time please state clearly the programming language used.

Sorry, I overlooked your first line:
| [...] building a dating website with mysql and php3 [...]

A small correction to my last email:
>  b) SELECT h.memberid
>     FROM   datinghavetags AS h
>          , datingwanttags AS w
>     WHERE  h.tagid    = w.tagid
>       AND  h.tagvalue = w.tagvalue
>     GROUP BY h.memberid
>     HAVING COUNT(*)=$num;
>       --> store resulting list of memberids

I forgot about taking the desired w.memberid into account!
So please add:
         AND w.memberid=4711;

Hopefully it's okay now. (Well, I doubt it, because untested ...:)

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