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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 27 2002 2:08am
Subject:Re: load data infile question
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At 20:41 +0000 3/26/02, Harpreet Kaur wrote:
>I want to transfer data from a table in sql server to mysql. I use
>C:\>   BCP dbname.dbo.tblname out tblname.txt -S srvrname -U sa –P sapwd -c
>-t \t -r \n
>to write the data to a text file and then use
>load data infile ‘/var/www/html/tblname.txt'  into table tblname;
>It works fine for all the tables except this one table which has
>description field with several lines. It assumes each line as a seperate
>field rather then one field and so create errors.
>Please help.

You have set yourself an impossible task.  You have a data file in which
the the line terminator occurs internally to certain field values.  The
terminator is thus ambiguous.

If you can, create the file so that the internal line separator characters
are written using \n or \r or \r\n sequences (whatever your terminator
is, I don't know what BCP is, so I can't tell what your command means).

>Regards Harpreet

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