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From:Jonathan Hilgeman Date:March 26 2002 5:03pm
Subject:RE: Impact of Free ORACLE
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Geez, get a grip. You should've counted on the predictable, endless sarcasm
that came as a reply to something that would've been pretty big news, NOT on
only 1 or 2 people pointing out that you're wrong. Most critics here think
that they will be the first or only person to reply, or believe their
sarcasm needs to be heard. 

But this goes as a lesson to everyone - double-check, triple-check, and so
on, before you blurt out something that you heard, even it was from reliable
sources. And if those reliable sources turn out to be wrong, you'd better
begin wondering whether you should listen to them again. This also applies
to the people who just discredited his story without taking the time to do
their own quick research on it, as I'm sure many of you did.

Finally, to everyone who reads this: with such a post, there WILL be someone
out there that responds to it, and you should only need to add your response
after time goes by and either nobody responds to it, or a few people respond
with the wrong answer. Otherwise, you're just going to fill up the list with
sarcastic posts that do nothing but tick off the recipient.

- J

P.S. Try not to curse; it's a bad habit.

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Ok, Ok, KIDZ, I get it. I had just heard from a rather reliable pair of
sources that the oracle system was free, so I thought I'd ask you cats
if you had any thoughts.... Now I get endless buillshit sarcasm, instead
of the simple 1 or 2 people pointing out that I'm wrong. The rest of you
guys who thought you were being original by giving me shit as if we were
on slashdot need to realize there's no call for all that. I was trying
to find out more about how everyone felt. I still run MySQL on my
servers, and while I was interested in how Oracle works, I wasn't about
to switch, so don't feel like you need to be questioning my geekiness,
nor my interest in free software or open source. End fucking rant, have
a nice day.

VJ MadProfessor

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