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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 26 2002 3:44pm
Subject:Re: Enforcing Column Types
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At 15:23 +0100 3/26/02, Tino Didriksen wrote:
>Question about the CHAR to VARCHAR conversion of:
>Now, I can see the logic in changing most CHAR to VARCHAR if they are long
>and variable sized.
>I have a column that is VARCHAR(32). I use it to store MD5 hash values. MD5
>hashes are always 32 byte.
>In other words, that's 1 byte wasted because it's VARCHAR.
>With 2500 entries and more on the way, that's at least 2500 byte wasted.
>Is there no way to enforce a column type around the silent changes?

No.  It makes no sense to do so.

>-- Tino Didriksen

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