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From:Robert Cross Date:March 26 2002 8:56am
Subject:RE: Impact of Free ORACLE
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"Ron Jamison" <trix@stripped> wrote:
>I'd be hardpressed to find a better, more stable database (MySQL) with the
>support that comes from the whole community.
Couldn't agree more. It's a shame that Microsoft, Oracle, IBM's support for
their DB's
isn't as good, (and inexpensive!!) as MySQL's.

>Oracle will continue to be slowly abandoned as the decision makers choose
>source and low (no) cost over proprietary and stupendous costs.
And if you truely believe that, would you be interested in this bridge I've
got for
sale ;-) ?!  The commercial databases will always have the the advantages
of better image to the damned bean-counters and a better feature set or
app support, (If you've standardised on M$ tools for building then -
surprise, surprise
- it's easier if you're using SQLServer as the backend). Don't
misunderstand me -
MySQL is great, (in fact the last place I used it, I couldn't have used
Oracle, DB2 - the technical requirements meant that it had to be either
MySQL or PostgreSQL).

>I for one will be glad to see those inflated price tags go.
Hear, hear - mind you with Larry E's guys it'd be nice to get a consistent
price, (three
different prices for the same piece of software in the space of 30 days!!)

Bob Cross.
(mysql query database table)

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