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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 26 2002 4:04am
Subject:Re: 1 table many fields/several tables less fields?
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At 21:34 +0000 3/25/02, Gath wrote:
>Greetings. I would thank some feedback on this issue. The doubt is:
>Should i create a table, with about 40-65 fields (ID, 3 or 4 of text, the
>reamining of small/tiny int), or should i split it in about 4-6 tables,
>dividing the fields between them?
>The database would be read/write by PHP, and it would have around 1500-2500
>users (distributed by the day), with about 150 queries each user. In each
>query, around 10-20 fields values would be needed. The queries would mainly
>be SELECT and UPDATE...
>I did read the optimisation part in the manual, particularly:
>"It's not normally useful to split a table into different tables just
>because the rows gets 'big'."
>>From , "Other Optimisation Tips".
>, "Drawbacks to
>Creating Large Numbers of Tables in the Same Database"
>but still didnt got an straight answer for my precise case.

What was wrong with the information in those sections?  That is, what's
special about your case that makes them inapplicable?

>  Unfortunally i'm
>new at this (both MySQL and PHP), so i apolozige for any mistake/stupidity
>presented in the question... :)
>I will, in lack of contrary info, use 1 table with many fields...
>Thank you for any comments.

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