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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 26 2002 4:03am
Subject:Re: GRANT create/drop for temp tables
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At 18:28 -0500 3/25/02, Ray Rodriguez wrote:
>This is either a mysql feature request (who would I send it to?) or a
>question.  I've looked at the documentation and could not find a way to do
>Is there a way to grant create/drop access specifically for temporary
>tables? I have a situation where I need to use a create
>statement and later use a select statement to get some data, and later
>drop the temporary table.  I would like to do this without giving create
>and especially drop access to the regular non-temporary tables in the

You could set up another database that's used only for temporary tables
and create the tables there.

>Ray Rodriguez

GRANT create/drop for temp tablesRay Rodriguez26 Mar
  • Re: GRANT create/drop for temp tablesPaul DuBois26 Mar