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From:Charles McGrotty Date:March 26 2002 12:39am
Subject:RE: Impact of Free ORACLE
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Being a Oracle Database Admin myself, I have to say that MySQL is far
better, it is just as fast when configured right, just as flexiable when
the scripting is done right and the real icing on the cake is it is

If I could I would make the place where I work switch over, I am a great
lover of Open Source, forget ASP, IIS, and all the other Micro$oft
gimmics that are opperable on one platform, these are just cheap stunt
marketing tools. Granted Oracle is available on multiple platforms. But
take it from me, once you have had a serious look at Oracle and you find
you have to set memory allocation after memory allocation for every
little piece of the DB, you soon lose the desire to set up additional

As I said, I do this for a living, and if the MySQL market was as big
(moneywise) I would leave the Oracle realm in a heart beat.

Besides, I recently read an article on a benchmark test of several of
the top leading databases conducted by Zif Davis, you know that large
computer magazine corp, those guys do not bow down to M$, Oracle or any
of the other big names, they report the facts as they find them,
regardless of the name.

Read more about this here:,3658,s=708&a=23115,00.asp

So to be honest, I (again let me point out that I KNOW what I am talking
about) see little or NO danger for MySQL v's Oracle, and as I just read
in a email sent to this list, Oracle chances is pricing repeatedly one
moment it was per seat, then it was per processing power of the system
and the story goes on.

Oracle is NOT, nor will it be FREE any time soon, and I am talking



Charles McGrotty
Intelliweb Technologies,

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all your hosting requirements.

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From: Francesca Shiekh [mailto:fshiekh@stripped] 
Sent: 25 March 2002 18:56
To: MadProfessor; 'Richard Forgo'; mysql@stripped
Subject: RE: Impact of Free ORACLE

At 05:29 PM 3/25/2002 -0600, MadProfessor wrote:
>Here's a couple I've dug up:
> (Flat out 

I took a quick look at this site and I don't see anything that says the 
database is free...
I can find Oracle 9iAS downloadable for free... that's the Application 
Server, you then need the Database to go with it...

Moreover, I wouldn't trust using it for production... Oracle has a
of changing the pricing on people and claiming that you have to pay more

money if you want to continue using their product because the licensing 

They may give it to you free this year, next year you'll find yourself
a large bill!

Just read these:

There are many more...

I think MySql is here to stay even if Larry should decide to give it all

away for free... database, applications etc. There are always the 
consulting and support fees, and anyone who worked with Oracle Apps
you can't do a damn thing without support! ..And if you want to take
than 5 years to implement the system you better have consultants on
and a staff of 2 people per module in house!

$0.02 as someone else put it...


>And of course, let's not forget
> (Just go to downloads, register your info and try

>downloading ANYTHING)
>I PROMISE YOU, oh non believers, that you'll believe me after you read 
>those articles, and then try downloading 9i from Oracle. You don't even

>have to download it, just start it and watch it go! Cheers,
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>From: Richard Forgo [mailto:richard.forgo@stripped]
>Sent: Monday, March 25, 2002 5:02 PM
>To: 'MadProfessor'; mysql@stripped
>Subject: RE: Impact of Free ORACLE
>Did Big Larry go open source? This is news to me. If you have more 
>details, please provide the list a link to share that info.
>Rik Forgo
>Army Test & Training Investment Conference (ATTIC)
>Diverse Technologies Corp.
>(c) 410.852.7420
>(h) 410.859.8474
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>From: MadProfessor [mailto:madprofessor@stripped]
>Sent: Monday, March 25, 2002 5:48 PM
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>Subject: Impact of Free ORACLE
>Just curious what everyone thinks the impact on MySQL will be now that 
>Oracle is free?
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