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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 23 2002 4:11pm
Subject:Re: Newbie Question: MySQLDump Questions [FileMaker related]
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At 10:53 -0500 3/23/02, MySQL wrote:
>This is my first post to this list, hope you can help me.
>I'm trying to automate nighly exports from MySQL to a Filemaker Pro database.
>I figured out that the following syntax will get me a tab delimited 
>export file:
>mysqldump -u root --tab=/directory MyDataBase
>This is great except for 2 things:
>1) It puts "\N" in every field that contains no data.  I just want 
>the field to be blank.
>2) If a user inputs carriage returns into the database, such as in a 
>Text notes field,
>the resulting dump file contains actual ASCII 13 CRs inline, so it 
>completely gobs on the
>tabular structure, which is expecting CRs to be record delimiters. 
>How can I get
>mysqldump to export some other character instead of carriage returns 
>(preferably ASCII
>11) when dumping text fields?

If you have Perl DBI installed, go to:

Then get the "early release" software.  It has a
script that does that you want.  Or at least I think it does. :-)
CR will be converted to control-K, which is what FileMaker uses to
represent line breaks internal to a field.

It also converts DATETIME and TIMESTAMP columns to separate date and time
columns, because FileMaker doesn't have any combined date-and-time type.

If you try it and find it lacking, I'd appreciate any criticism.

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