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From:Andrey Kotrekhov Date:March 22 2002 6:28pm
Subject:Re: FreeBSD+MySQL
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Добрый день.

I have the same problem.
We increase max number of users in the kernel config and recompile.
The problem is solve at most.
Try to increase max number of open files in kernel.

> Hi,
> I'm currently running FreeBSD 4.3-stable with MySQL 3.23.39.  My problem
> is weird an unpreditable. I have a database driven website which has
> several hundred visitors per day.  After viewing my logs on a daily
> basis, I see a "Unknown database" error appear from time to time.  Now,
> I also have a script set in cron which accesses the database every so
> often an I see the same "Unknown database" error from time to time when
> this script is ran.  The error is completely spuradic and
> unpredictable.  Sometimes I go for days without seeing the problem.  Not
> only that, if I notice the problem immediately and check things out, I
> can connect to the database.  So within a matter of minutes it goes from
> an Unknown database to a
> database that is alive and accessible.
> I've tried upping the "mbufs", checking the "file descriptors",
> "tweaking the mysqld server params", applying  "soft-updates",  and
> "turning off Apache::DBI", nothing seems to work.  I've seen at least 2
> other mailing list entries where people have the exact same problem.
> The only solution I received was to switch to a Linux OS.
> I've also read that there is a threading  problem with FreeBSD+MySQL on
> an SMP machine.  I'm running a machine with only 1 processor.
> Do you have any idea as to what may be causing this problem and if so,
> do you have a suggested solution?
> Any help you may be able to give will certainly be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Ozette Brown
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